Setting up a one-time or recurring auto-draft donation (from your bank account) with Mission Quest can be done online and there is no need to mail us an authorization form. To initiate your donation:

1) Go to your missionary's profile

2) Enter the amount you would like to donate and click the "Give" button. Note: You can modify this amount on the next page.

3) Once the page opens, click the "I WOULD LIKE TO MAKE THIS A RECURRING DONATION" button, or uncheck this option to make it a one-time donation.

4) Upon clicking this button, the site will prompt you to choose how often you would like to give: weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. Next, indicate the "Start Date" you would like the transaction to begin withdrawing by either typing it in directly, or clicking on the calendar option. Note: You can also indicate an End Date (optional). This is especially helpful if your missionary has set up a separate Fundraising Campaign Page, and you want to make recurring donations (i.e. monthly) for a certain number of months during their Fundraising Campaign.


5) You will then need to create a password to set up an account with us. This is so you can view your giving history and edit your donation information from your account.

6) You will then select "Bank Account" and the screen will prompt you to fill in your personal information.

7) Upon filling out your information, click "Process Gift" to complete your donation.